Action. Reaction. Satisfaction (A​.​R​.​S​.​)

by Ti Amo

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Two new pop tunes for your enjoyment. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel, we just want to make fun music for fun people. Hope you enjoy it! Get in touch xxx


released June 14, 2013

Produced by Grant Henderson @ Loom Studios
Mixed and mastered by Steve Whitfield



all rights reserved


Ti Amo Bradford, UK

Four-vocal harmony obsessed pop-rock-punk from Bradford. get in touch for gig info etc, we're friendly guys!

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Track Name: A.R.S
Blissfully unaware of the implications,
As you gently place your arms
Around my neck,
Only 30 seconds after being sick,
And I know,
That I shouldn't be doing this,
I shouldn't be doing ths,
I'm a shadow of the man I assumed I would become,
Now all I can do is run

What do i, what do i, what do i,
When I'm faced with the daunting proposition of a night with you,

You said ya wanted action,
Well, this is my reaction,
You won't give me satisfaction
That I so desperately need!

Spend every waking minute reiterating my desires,
To myself and hope that they transpire,
But now I'm certain, I'm not asserting,
Myself in a way befitting of,
Me or anyone else that I know-oh-oh
Cause I shouldn't be doing so why am I doing this?
I'm a ruin but I've still maintained my foundations;
You can build on me all over again

What am I what am I what am I
Gonna do-do-do-do-do-do
I've made too many commitments,
I've made too many commitments that I can't see through

I'm resisting temptation on a daily basis,
Now I've had enough, that's why I'm giving in
Track Name: Blue Lagoon
I know there's something missing can ya tell me why
You can't provide me with an answer,
Took it on the chin cause when my patience starts to thin
I say a lot of things that I really don't mean

(and the secrets I've kept, they shall emerge)
From holes I've dug myself and it's more embarrassing than tragic
(lessons learned but if it's too late)
To showcase my new knowledge then I must ask why I bothered

There's something about me seeing you that does nothing for my self-esteem

(it takes time to rearrange)
My social interests, thought process, my new status as I digress,
(forgive me please, as I refrain)
From "trying" to be honest cause I talk a load of bollocks